Lean Leg Workout

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When I need a great workout, LEG DAY is the name of the game. Your legs contain the largest muscles in your body. Moving these muscles requires a lot of energy, meaning more calories burned. Besides cardio, nothing gets my heart rate and my metabolism moving like heavy squats and deadlifts. The key is to build up though, start light on these exercises until your form is perfect. I learned this the hard way when I pulled a muscle in my back doing a super heavy deadlift with poor form. After a LOT of physical therapy and even a chiropractor, my back started to feel ok again, but I was scared to ever do another deadlift. Sure, I could have eliminated deadlifts from my workout regimen entirely (there are countless other hamstring/glute exercises out there), but that's not how I function. I was determined to bring them back into my life. So I started with dumbbells and kettlebells, then moved up to just the bar, then gradually started to add weight.

As with anything in the gym, form is most important. If your form is improper, you will get almost no benefits from the exercise you are performing, AND, you are setting yourself up for a future injury. I'm sure I don't need to tell you any of this, but sometimes it bears repeating, even for myself. I see a lot of people in the gym trying to lift ALL OF THE WEIGHTS, and a lot of times their form is awful and they're just trying to blast through reps with no regard for anything. Their egos are leading their workout. I promise you, no one will judge you for how much or how little weight you are pushing as long as your form is spot-on and you are getting results. Sometimes it's refreshing to go down in weight, focus on the Mind-Muscle Connection (great article on that and checking your ego at the door here), and knock out a bunch more reps. This is what I've been trying to practice lately. Overall, I think it's going well.

How was that for a Sunday ramble? I hope you try some of these exercises, with or without weight, and definitely without ego. And let me know if you can walk the next day (or 2 days later). Also, let me know what kind of workout/exercises you'd like to see next. Give me a "like" if you're interested in seeing some great exercises using the Bosu Ball.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my lovely people.
squeeze, m.