Such Great Heights

Faithfull the Brand Jumpsuit (on sale for $65! Other colors here and here and very similar version here as well) // Dolce Vita Booties (can also be found here and here) // Mulungi Clutch from my friends at S.O.U.L. Foundation // Karen Walker Sunnies (rented from Ditto, my newest vice)

This is probably my favorite MM shoot to date! The MCA rooftop is a dream with all the angles and reflective elements, and we lucked out with some great lighting. I don't typically wear things that are this revealing (they involve a lot of fashion tape and sticky things), but this jumpsuit was screaming my name and I knew I had to have it. I paid twice the price, so, lucky you if you happen to snag it on sale for $65! And it comes in other colors!

Real talk for a second. I tend to get down on myself about this blog, a lot. Sometimes I think it's not worth it, sometimes I think no one sees it or reads it, sometimes I think if I'm the only one looking at this blog, what's the point? Is it just vanity or materialism? I keep thinking of that whole "if a tree falls in the woods" thing. Carly said something to me that snapped me out of it (at least for now; it's peaks and valleys). She said, "Do you get joy out of doing this?" I said, "Absolutely." She replied, "Then, if nothing else, keep pressing on for the sheer joy of it." I then got to thinking, if I can help one person find an outfit or a fitness program or some makeup that makes her feel REALLY good about herself (or himself, no judgment), then it's all worth it. It seems silly and trivial, but it's something. It's what I have to offer, and that should be enough. I know I'm still a newborn in this ever-growing blogging world, and I always knew there would be times when I would feel like quitting, but I didn't know there would be THIS many times. For now, I will keep pressing on, and shoots like this one help because I get to see the true art of something. The way Carly played with angles and reflections was so cool, and I could tell she was really happy with how it turned out too. We get to create something together, and that brings my lowest lows up to such great heights.

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By the way, happy St. Patrick's Day? I guess? I don't know; I'm Italian. In my book, St. Patty's is just an excuse for people who like Jameson and bad decisions. Anyways, I like both of those things, so since the hubs is out tonight at the NCAA bball games at the Pepsi Center, I'll probably go grab a Guinness somewhere with friends. Anyone care to join?


This hand-beaded clutch made out of paper (yes, paper!) is pretty special, as it comes from the S.O.U.L Foundation, which supports ethical fair-trade fashion through their Mulungi program, among many other initiatives throughout Uganda. The Mulungi curriculum, which runs for 5 months, has taught more than 300 women. The women graduate with an array of tailoring skills that allow them to get jobs and earn income. Many of the women have seen their income increase as much as 300%! Click here to learn more about S.O.U.L.

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Photos: Carly Mitchell Photography