Conceal, Don't Feel: #givegoodface Series, Part II

If you missed the first installment...
Part I: Foundations

Part II of my #givegoodface Series brings you my favorite concealers. Anyone catch the Frozen nod in the title? Just call me a huge dork; I'm totally fine with it. Anyways! I love concealer - who doesn't? Finding a good one that covers just enough without creasing or getting cakey is like hitting the makeup jackpot. The mackpot, if you will. Now, there are all kinds of different concealers out there - ones for dark spots, ones for redness, ones for undereyes, ones for acne... it can be overwhelming. But I generally will pick one concealer and kind of use it for everything. I am pretty lucky in that I don't have a lot of blemishes to cover up on a daily basis, so concealer is generally used for my undereye circles, and boy oh boy do I have those. I also love using concealer for highlighting certain areas of my face that I want to POP. This is why I will use concealers that are significantly lighter than my skin on those areas, and then maybe blend that concealer with a darker one for my undereyes or for blemishes. Without further adieu, here are my favorite concealers that I've used over the years, and why I love them.

Wait, before I get started... my favorite and pretty much only way I blend my concealer is with a damp Beauty Blender. Ok, here we go:

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer // This is, hands down, the best concealer I have ever used. The formula is so light and creamy, it applies so easily with the doe-foot applicator, and if set with a powder, does NOT crease. The only thing I will say is that I had to buy two colors to find my perfect match. The first color I bought was almost WHITE and the other was pretty much the exact color of my skin, so neither of them really worked on their own. Mixed together though, it is my perfect concealer color! I highly recommend this one.
2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer // Second runner up to my Urban Decay favorite is this NARS concealer. I would say it's almost identical to the Urban Decay, just slightly thicker. I went through about three tubes of this stuff before I switched over. Fantastic formula.
3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer // For a FANTASTIC drugstore option, this one is a real winner. Light and creamy, very easy to blend, decent coverage. This one never cakes on me either, probably because it is so light. Really love this formula, and you can't beat the price tag.
4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer // This is another great drugstore option, meant for undereyes only. The applicator is kind of fun, albeit maybe a bit germy, but it feels really nice to apply under your eyes. I wouldn't say it erases dark circles, but it certainly does a nice job of highlighting your undereye area. Sometimes I like to apply this on top of my undereye concealer and blend them together for a nice bright effect.
5. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Anti-Aging Concealer // And now for the heavy hitters. This stuff is THICK and the coverage is unreal, but it's a little heavy for everyday use. This one is reserved for a night out or something where your makeup needs to look flawless. It takes a bit of work to blend this one out and you must set it with a powder or it will crease immediately. If you have bad undereye circles, this will be your best friend. The tiniest little bit of this goes a really long way. I'm talking like a pin-sized amount. So, you'll get your money's worth with this one for sure, because the stuff will expire before you'll have a chance to use it all!
6. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer // I'm still trying this one out. I really like the formula; it's high coverage while also being pretty light and creamy. I mostly like this one for spot concealing, not as much for my undereyes, because it will crease if not set diligently. I definitely like this concealer, but I would say it's not totally worth the hefty pricetag, for me anyways.

And that does it for this installment of #givegoodface. I hope you enjoyed it or found it somewhat helpful. Remember, makeup is just fun. It's not necessary and it's not mandatory, and it's meant to enhance your beauty, not transform it. But if you want to go ham with it, hey, that's great too! It all washes off! Next up in the series: setting powders.