Golden Globes // Best Dressed

Honestly, I was underwhelmed by this year's Golden Globes red carpet. The plunging necklines are tired (although two of my picks do happen to feature them), the column dresses are overplayed, the cutouts and the sheer panels have been done time and time again. But there were a few dresses that stood out to me for being unique, even if they do include some of the aforementioned played-out descriptors:

Jennifer Lopez || Giambattista Valli

I get it - the color is polarizing. You either hated this look or loved it. I LOVED it. And it's not just because I have a very real girl crush on JLo. First of all, it's the first time we've seen her in a dress that doesn't require fashion tape in a WHILE. Also, she looks classic, she looks glam, she looks HOLLYWOOD. This dress stood out from the rest. I'm digging the mustard color, the cape and the way her jewels drip down her neck. The diamonds (right down to her shoes) and the red lip with very minimal eye makeup are really giving me the feels. And it wouldn't be JLo without a little skin. I guarantee she had Valli cut her a leg slit to show off her bronzed gams. Those things are glowing. Check out the way her clutch reflects off her leg. Yes, JLo.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum || Zuhair Murad

Ah, the first of my plunging neckline picks. But the full bottom balances things out, and the pattern and sparkle of this dress remind me of moonlight bouncing off ocean waves. Anyone else? I appreciate that she kept her hair and makeup simple, because that décolletage really does all the talking here folks. Also, POCKETS.

Jaimie Alexander || Genny

#2 of my plunging neckline picks, but as stated above, the fuller bottom really makes all the boobage more palatable. This emerald green color is stunning and the geometric shapes say, "Hey, I'm just here to party." She kept her hair simple and kind of swept up messily, just like Jenna's, and did anyone see her makeup close up? Absolute perfection.

Alicia Vikander || Louis Vuitton

I'll admit it, it took me several looks at this dress to really fall in love with it. I told Carly I thought it looked like an apron at first, but that was before I saw the full length of it and all the detail. Oh, the detail! Honestly, this girl could probably wear a gum wrapper and I would swoon, but this dress is so sweet while also being pretty while also being WOW. It looks different from all angles, and when she spins? Look at the sheer paneling at the bottom. Oui! Oui! For some reason, I'm not loving her hair with this look though. If I were Alicia (ha), I would have eliminated the side part and tight updo... it makes the look almost TOO sweet.

Laverne Cox || Elizabeth Kennedy

Laverne can do no wrong - her fashion game is one of the strongest in the industry and she proved that in this white dress with a high neckline, low back, and almost regal train. The look is simple yet breathtaking. The white dress makes her skin just glow. Makeup, hair, pop of green in the earrings - everything on point.

Jennifer Lawrence || Dior

Ok, so JLaw's dress is a column AND has cutouts, but this is modern-day Hollywood glam with a nod to old school Hollywood glam at its finest. The color, the diamonds, the classic makeup, it all works.

And a close runner up...

Lily James || Marchesa

Leave it to the chick who played Cinderella to actually LOOK like a modern-day Cinderella on the red carpet. I love the ethereal material (rhyme!) and draping of this dress. Although it slightly resembles tissue paper, I think it's light and dreamy.