The One With the GIRL'S Holiday Gift Guide

If you're in the wrong place and looking for gifts for the men in your life OR you're in the mood for a holiday shpeal about 'tis the season and fa la la and deck the halls with visions of sugarplums, please refer to my Guys' Gift Guide. If you're ready to get right to the goods, be my guest:

1. If she doesn't like to flex in any ORDINARY headphones, give this badass pair a try.
2. The Fit Kit. I take this on every trip. Great way to get your sweat on while on vacation - includes a jumprope, resistance bands and a booklet with several workouts/stretches. I love this thing!
3. Heartrate monitor watch
4. Lululemon yoga mats are luxurious.

5. The Braid Book
6. L'Occitane Hand Cream is the very best for dry hands this time of year.
7. Birchbox is a monthly subscription of beauty and grooming products. This is the gift that keeps on giving! And she'll think of you every time she receives one in the mail. ;)
8. Quality makeup brushes make a world of difference in makeup application.

I've always found that it's difficult to buy clothes for other people, so here are some more sure-fire options:
9. Beautiful statement necklace
10. This Clare V. clutch has been on my personal list for quite some time. And the styles/colors are a-plenty! (Hint, Chris Palamar.)
11. Shoe organizer bags for the slightly OCD packer
12. Colorful scarf
13. Fashion That Changed the World - a delightfully fun coffee table book

14. Cozy and adorable socks 
15. A nice candle - This one is my all-time favorite; it smells like marshmallows roasting on a fire. I want to buy stock.
16. Anything Shibori, which is a Japanese tie-dying technique. This is all the rage these days, and an old roommate of mine in Italy started her own company called Orishibori. Check her out!
17. Statement coasters
18. Adorable pineapple tumbler for the entertainer
19. Beautiful desktop notebook that deserves to be ON DISPLAY

THE ADVENTURIST (this category especially works for guys too!)
20. Coffee table book of 117 of Conde Nast's most stunning photographs
21. A GoPro for all their adventures
22. Retro cruiser bike
23. Large canvas totebag for all travel essentials - This FEED one is especially cool because all FEED purchases go toward giving children in poverty free, nutritious meals. Each product has a number stamped on it that signifies the number of meals provided with its purchase.
24. Take her somewhere! Anywhere. This doesn't have to be international or even involve a ton of travel. There are endless local "stay-cation" options that won't cost you a lot of money. Check out VRBO or Airbnb for rentals in the area of your choosing and take a long weekend or a week somewhere new!