The One With the GUY'S Holiday Gift Guide

I'll be honest, I had a lot of fun making these gift guides (Girl's guide coming tomorrow!), but I want to stress that the holidays should not just be about gifts. I know, you've heard it before - scroll down to the list if you're not in the mood for a familiar tune. My husband and I sometimes like to take a trip instead of gifting each other, but I am also perfectly happy sitting around a dinner table with the ones I love (copious amounts of wine included, of course) and re-hashing old stories, doing Giada impressions (can you just say spaghetti like a normal person please?), teasing my brother for always making some excuse to leave early, and generally stuffing my pie-hole. The holidays are more about that intangible "feeling" for me. That bubbly feeling that lingers in my tummy between November and January and always seems to dissipate too soon. That little skip in my heart when I see lights strung on city streets and pop-up Christkindl markets. The urge to be singing Christmas carols by a roaring fire with with a cup of hot chocolate and my favorite humans (this has never happened, mind you. Maybe someday). The smells, sounds, sights and sparkle of the holiday season are gift enough for me, as trite as that sounds. That said, my family always has special little gifts for each other - it's tradition, after all. If your family is like mine, please enjoy some of these ideas if you need inspiration.

1. Tickets to a sporting event - his favorite team or maybe to an event he wouldn't expect
2. Athletic gear like this Nike Dri-fit shirt
3. or these Lululemon shorts
4. Dufflebag
5. Set of golf clubs or golf lessons

6. Personalized Dopp kit
7. Beard grooming kit
8. Men's skincare set

9. Leather messenger bag
10. Whiskey Wedge (get him more than one so he can enjoy with you or others)
11. Personalized collar stays
12. Subscription to The Foot Cardigan (rad socks delivered to his mailbox every month!)

13. Sleek Bluetooth speaker that will look like a decorative piece in his home
14. A drone! My husband gave me this idea so it is guy-approved. What guy doesn't love a remote-controlled gadget?
15. Record player (Trust me, everyone needs one of these.)

16. Warm, puffy, down jacket like this Patagonia option (a personal and family favorite)
17. Gift certificate for a ski or snowboard set-up, boots, bindings, etc.
18. A tent like this one or other camping necessities like a sleeping bag or a JETBOIL!