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 Professional window-shopper.

Navigating Fashion, Makeup and Fitness
one paycheck at a time.

I'm Michaela. This blog is a passion project for me. A happy hobby, if you will. Starting from a very young age, clothes and makeup have thrilled me. I remember putting my mom's long socks on as dress gloves and traipsing around the house in her sunglasses and my plastic heels, her expensive lipstick painted all over my face. My style has evolved quite a bit over the years. I was not always the most en vogue, I mean, the 90's and early 2000's were NOT good to me. But I have always found myself flipping through magazines and, now, perusing fashion blogs and YouTube makeup and fitness channels with any free minute I get. In my real life, I live in Denver with my wonderful and supportive husband, Chris, and our quirky bully mix, Petey. I am extremely dedicated to fitness, and I plan to share some of that with you, too. I work for a pretty cool real estate development company that's doing lots of tremendous things in this city that I have always called my home.

Thanks for letting me into your digital life. Let's have fun.


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